Just as the DISC assessment predicts “how”

someone will behave the Motivators assessment explains “why”.

This program will substantially enhance your knowledge of the Motivators framework through curriculum to kick-start your understanding and help guide your implementation of this remarkable assessment tool.You will learn the about the 7 dimensions of motivation (Aesthetic, Economic, Individualistic, Political, Altruistic, Regulatory, Theoretical) through a 10-hour course of directed self-study and one-on-one tutelage (via telephone, Skype and Zoom). Through the training, you’ll receive guided instruction with resources to support you, along with the opportunity to practice your knowledge and receive immediate feedback.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): ICF : 7.5 Core and 9.25 RD

Here is your Complimentary DISC & Motivator Assessment!

What does each enrollee receive?

  • The 10-hour authoritative program is designed to increase your practical understanding and professional application of the Motivators assessment
  • Coach Mentor program provides you with ongoing, situational support — even after you’ve completed your certification trainin
  • Receive your own Motivators assessment & report debrief (€150 value)
  • Motivators Trainer Materials (including the Motivators Debrief Guide and Motivators PowerPoint presentation) that you can use in your own coaching/training business
  • JPEG Badge of Certification for your website, email signature and misc. digital marketing (upon course completion
  • Consultant Admin Account (CAA) if you don’t have one already.
  • 10 Motivators assessments that you can use internally or re-sell to offset your certification investment
  • PDF Certificate of Completion (upon course completion.)

Course Summary (10 hours)

What are Motivators?

The Seven Dimensions of Motivation

Norms & Intensities, Conflicts and Agreements

Graph Reading

‘How-to’ debrief a Motivators Report

Study the DISC Report Debriefing Guide

Complete the DISC Admin. Site Tutorial

Final Oral and/or Online Exam/Evaluation

Take the online DISC assessment