The Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) assessment

helps business leaders and other professionals understand the way

they apply their emotional intelligence in terms of style, preferences, and behavior. It affords them clarity in determining how to best apply their knowledge and feelings to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. It’s this understanding that forms the basis on which they’re able to make adjustments in order to be more effective in the future; personally, as well as professionally.

Studies have found that 90% of top performers in any field are also high in emotional intelligence. On the flip side, just 20% of bottom performers are high in emotional intelligence. In other words, you can be a top performer without emotional intelligence, but the chances are very slim.

The good news? Unlike IQ and other aptitudes, which are largely fixed, EIQ can be developed and improved upon with the right guidance and tools. Enter the EIQ-2 assessment!


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) : ICF : 8.25 Core and 6.75 RD

What does each enrollee receive?

  • An authoritative program designed to increase your practical understanding and professional application of the EIQ-2 assessment
  • Coach Mentor program provides you with ongoing, situational support — even after you’ve completed your certification training
  • Receive your own EIQ-2 assessment & report debrief (€150 value)
  • PDF Certificate of Completion (upon course completion)
  • EIQ-2 Trainer Materials (including the EIQ-2 Debrief Guide and EIQ-2 PowerPoint presentation) that you can use in your own coaching/training business.
  • JPEG Badge of Certification for your website, email signature and misc- digital marketing (upon course completion)
  • Consultant Admin Account (CAA) if you don’t have one already
  • 10 EIQ-2 assessments that you can use internally or re-sell to offset your certification investment.

Course Summary (12 hours)

Take the online EIQ-2 assessment

Receive your own personal EIQ-2 report debrief from your trainer

Read the Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Read the EIQ: Understanding the Human Brain, EIQ:

Review the online Resources for EIQ-2 Trainers and study

Complete Final Certification Call with your

Complete the DISC Admin. Site Tutorial

Final Oral and/or Online Exam/Evaluation

Take the online DISC assessment