The good news first:

Strengths, potentials and solutions … You already have it! Coaching helps you to focus on exactly what you need to achieve your goals or to define your goals again.


Life has many cliffs, rough seas and adventures. Like a lighthouse, which provides orientation, I support you in finding your very own way. With the right questions, practical exercises and selected NLP techniques I will accompany you step by step on a journey to discover your potential. In the coaching process, you gain clarity about your situation and adapt to new ways of thinking and behavior patterns. Then you say: “Land in sight,” ahead a new course record and focus on a new direction to have more success at work and satisfaction in life!

Your specific concerns determines how we work together. Possible

Coaching sessions

Individual coaching sessions guiding your change process – depending on your time and availability. The number depends on your personal needs.


As support for a specific topic, e.g. in preparation for an important appointment or to reflect an impending decision.

Telephonic Coaching

Due to time or local reasons, a telephone coaching may be advisable.

Team and group coaching

To merge newly formed teams or heterogeneous groups optimally, or to manage a crisis of conflicting managers a coach as a facilitator is very useful (preferably not more than 15 people).


The duration of our cooperation is determined by your topic. The place of coaching, is either my office, your firm or other premises.


Simply arrange a free preliminary meeting to discuss your wishes and our collaboration!


Coaching is to help yourself. You should be ready to open, actively deal with it and work on yourself. At any time you decide how far you want to go. You are the captain, I am the pilot, with which you go to change course …


Are you ready?
Of course, you can rely on my discretion.