“Things do not change; we do” - Henry David Thoreau


One size does not fit all…nor should it. Today’s coaches, consultants and trainers deserve a simple solution for the complex challenges they will face. We’ve engineered that solution for you and so much more… What are you waiting for? Join our global network of coaches, consultants and trainers, who are making the switch every day to a better, more affordable, more customizable and more comprehensive answer for evidence based coaching.


  • We validated assessments, certification training, coaching materials, workshop materials, and marketing collateral are just the start!
  • Our self-paced assessment certifications are the only programs of their kind to be internationally accredited by ICF, SHRM, HRCI and ATD.
  • There are no minimum purchase requirements and no fees of any kind – you have the flexibility to pay only for the assessments you use.
  • In addition to our already-low pay-as-you-go pricing, we offer additional discounts at even lower volumes than our competitors.
  • We give you the ability to personally brand and customize your reports so that they look different from your competitors’ reports, by incorporating your unique relevant content. Only YOUR logo and contact information appear on the reports; not ours.
  • We provide timely, responsive customer service, live and online. We partner with you until your questions are thoroughly answered. Our partner has been a keynote speaker and best-selling author on the subject of customer satisfaction for more than 40 years.
  • We have the best back-end assessment platform – period. It was built by a skilled IT team, led by a sales and marketing expert with more than 35 years of experience in the assessment industry.
  • We do NOT control how you do business with our tools. While other assessment providers place a chokehold on how their client coaches advertise and market themselves, we do not. Furthermore we will facilitate your optimal growth with ongoing, customised marketing consultations and sales collateral to help you achieve your professional goals.
  • We provide strong support and training materials to you at no charge, including MP3s, eBooks, PowerPoint slides, exercises, handouts, a leader guide, A/V files and more!