Coaching and Personal Development – ways to effective self-help.

You want to change your career or need support so that it goes forward again in your job? You want to optimize work processes, or you are looking for guidance to make the right decision? Then coaching and personal development are the building blocks that bring you closer to your goal.


Welcome to Vitae-coaching!


As a certified coach with years of IT experience, I particularly support managers and executives in the IT field in their professional development and to implement their personal goals. A professional coaching helps you to be clear about your own position and supports you with difficult issues or change processes.

Coaching and employee development are closely linked, especially in management coaching. Because here it’s about improving work processes as efficient as possible and ensuring a good working environment. This is includes coping with a possible crises.


A conflict management coaching, stress management coaching can be a great solution.
However, a coaching for human resource development does not work without your staff. Therefore I offer, besides issues regarding human resource management, also employee coaching and corporate coaching. As a coach specialized in burnouts I am able to help in acute problems such as bullying or “burned outs” and show you new approaches that creates a positive personal development.


Personal development is also great to merge newly formed teams or heterogeneous groups.

The coaching takes place in the Bremen area in my office in Ritterhude, or in your company or another for coaching and personal development available space. In addition, I offer for coaching and personal development also coaching by Skype or be telephone.


There’s a lot more in you than you think …Explore your potentials through professional coaching. You will benefit by learning from your “hidden” skills; bring yourself in top form!


For professional success and optimal human resource development, more opportunities, better quality of life and new perspectives.